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When Millypop and her Mummy visited Ice Cream Land by Reka Hall
When Millypop and her Mummy visited Ice Cream Land is inspired by my daughter.…

25 September 2020

Captivity by Nadine Little
Anita Carmichael is her faction’s sweetheart—respected soldier, supporter of the…

23 September 2020

Veil of Secrets by G.A Charnock
Everybody has a past... some just don't know what it is yet.

14 September 2020

The Divided by Suzanne Burrows
Cursed one hundred and fifty years apart, Amy and Eliza do not know they are…

07 September 2020

Stone Angels by Paula R.C. Readman
Artist, James Ravencroft, thinks so. As his reputation as a painter grows, so…

07 September 2020

Time Crystals by Teresa Bassett
Within an overgrown mine shaft, Clara and her friends discover a mysterious time…

03 September 2020

Susie in Spectra by W E Lake
Susie Sky is chased to the tip by the school bullies. There she meets Lemo, a…

01 September 2020

Fame and Fortune by Carol Hedges
London, 1867. When the body of a man is discovered hanging from a Thames bridge,…

29 August 2020

The Hanged Man by Andree Rushton
Set partly in the present day as a group of Brits share a holiday home in…

20 August 2020

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