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Jigsaw Island by Lynne McVernon
When single mother, Annie, and son Jude take a break away from Scotland to stay…

17 December 2020

The Brinwade Chronicles
In a village nestling on a Nottinghamshire hill, hidden by ancient trees, off…

17 December 2020

Plenty of Fish in the Sea by Stefania Hartley
Sicilian marine biologist Serena Ingotta has never understood men, but when she…

17 December 2020

Lymington Anthology by Colin Johnson
The Lymington Anthology contains a range of writing from Lymington Writers,…

17 December 2020

One Dog and His Cop by Jenny Martin
This is a heart-warming true story with sixteen colour illustrations of how a…

17 December 2020

Resilience: The Lenka Trilogy Part 2 by John Righten
1992. Since her parents were murdered when she was a child, Lenka Brett, a young…

28 November 2020

Two Mikes and Their 39 Stories by Michael J. Lowis and Michael E. Leonard
Stories to suit everyone, by two experienced Northampton authors.

21 November 2020

Coronavirus - Keeping Business Open by V Charles Ward
Written for business owners as well as anyone tasked with enforcing the…

18 November 2020

G'Day and other stories by Jean Dennis, Lesley Bown and Ann Gawthorpe
G’DAY is a collection of thirty short stories divided between ten themes. For…

16 November 2020

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