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I needed to drink tea with you, by Sandra Johnson
This is an anthology of completely new material. The poems explore the themes of…

06 December 2019

Escape to Giddywell Grange
After having her heart broken by boyfriend Jamie, successful businesswoman Maddy…

06 December 2019

Agent Starling: Operation Baked Beans, by Jenny Moore
Baked Beans might seem harmless enough but, in the wrong hands and the wrong…

06 December 2019

From Waterloo to Water Street, by SE Morgan
West Wales 1843  Daughters of Rebecca are marching, breaking down toll gates…

28 November 2019

Timbuktu, by Peter Lowman
In the desert an adventure holiday can quickly turn into a battle of life and…

21 November 2019

Heartbreak by John Righten
1990. Lenka Brett, a smart but unworldly young Irish teacher, volunteers to…

18 November 2019

The Putney Flat by Kate Garland
“The Putney Flat is a page-turning novella which blends literature with the…

03 April 2019

The Autumn Murders by S J Ridgway
Autumn 1888, the time of the Whitechapel Murders when five unfortunate women are…

26 September 2018

Masterclasses in Creative Writing
A how-to book that you can refer to, dip into, when you have a writing problem.…

18 July 2014

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