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The Puritan Princess

19 March 2020

The youngest daughter of Oliver Cromwell looks for love in his Protectoral court in the 1660s

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Arabella and the Magic Pencil
Arabella is a beloved only child who has a picture perfect life until her…

16 March 2020

The Prisoner in the Tower
In 1794 with war raging between Britain and France, a traitorous organisation…

16 March 2020

He came from another universe
He Came From Another Universe is Michael J. Lowis’ ninth book, and his second…

11 March 2020

The Tyranny of Friendship
Now in adulthood when one is in a successful progressive rock band and the other…

11 March 2020

Lost Innocents
Nick Delmar has left his City job and is working on a suburban weekly newspaper…

03 March 2020

How do you end a failing London Musical? Go out with a bang!

22 February 2020

Yancy Yellowhammer
On a quiet day in the countryside, Yancy Yellowhammer is invited out by his best…

22 February 2020

Dangan, That Dress & A Diamond Duck
"I cried for weeks when Mum told me that we were moving. Josh called me a big…

21 February 2020

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