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The Road Home by Pete Harrison

22 July 2021

England,a country ravaged by war,millions of its population wiped out. Terrorist groups from all…

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The Misadventures of Nicholas Nabb, by Jenny Moore
A funny, fast-paced Victorian adventure, teeming with danger, mystery and pies!

05 July 2021

Kick-Start by Lorna Roth
Which is more hazardous, a horse or online dating?

05 July 2021

The Boy with Flame Coloured Hair by Steve Ward
Workhouse runaway Thomas Braithwaite is offered a job in the stables of a local…

04 June 2021

Shampoo and Set 75 Years as a Hairdresser by Linda Sherlock
At the age of five, Margaret Sherlock decided to give herself a haircut with a…

26 May 2021

Short Stories and Humerous Pieces by Cynthia Agard
At the age of five she remembered demanding her mother to sit for a chat! From…

24 May 2021

Let Me Tell You Something by J Lovelock
Let Me Tell You Something is a compilation of J.A. Lovelock’s oftentimes…

24 May 2021

The Time Traveller by Ray Wills
A young gypsy travellers voyage of self discovery who on visiting a gypsy…

21 April 2021

Living is Losing by Cassius Cox
The hardest part of Living Is Losing. Thirteen-year-old Jack Stone witnesses…

16 April 2021

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