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Psychopython Part 1: Dark Odyssey by Anne Neville

14 January 2021

Following the tragic death of her beloved husband, Delia's bereavement leaves her devastated,…

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Black is the Colour by Seamus Connolly
It has been almost three decades since the brutal murder of a young father took…

12 January 2021

GOD IN LOCKDOWN by Hazel Whitehead
This book is written from a Christian perspective but will also provide food for…

05 January 2021

Life on Toast by Holly Crawford
Love, life, friendship, opportunities taken and chances missed...war, peace…

21 December 2020

Traitor's Revenge by Jessica Wood
Pirate Captain Alethea Hera found comfort with her life in the Undersea world of…

21 December 2020

Stanley the Seagull loves SAFC by Pauline Waters
This children's’ illustrated book follows the first one Stanley the Seagull. It…

17 December 2020

Jigsaw Island by Lynne McVernon
When single mother, Annie, and son Jude take a break away from Scotland to stay…

17 December 2020

The Brinwade Chronicles
In a village nestling on a Nottinghamshire hill, hidden by ancient trees, off…

17 December 2020

Plenty of Fish in the Sea by Stefania Hartley
Sicilian marine biologist Serena Ingotta has never understood men, but when she…

17 December 2020

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