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The Time Traveller by Ray Wills

21 April 2021

A young gypsy travellers voyage of self discovery who on visiting a gypsy fortune teller on the…

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Living is Losing by Cassius Cox
The hardest part of Living Is Losing. Thirteen-year-old Jack Stone witnesses…

16 April 2021

When it's Time to Say Goodbye by Angela Garner
The death or separation from a beloved animal friend—whether anticipated or…

13 April 2021

Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime? By Guy Rolands
Recovering from a brutal attack where she was savagely raped, university student…

13 April 2021

It's a Sin by Steve Burford
“He is a talented and very promising young policeman. Make no mistakes, he…

08 April 2021

Reclaiming Ourselves by Emma Kathryn
Reclaiming Ourselves is an ideal book for everyone seeking strength and…

07 April 2021

The Collis Valle Saga: Book 1: The Salt Mine by A J Gilham
Five unique individuals are kidnapped from five different settlements in the…

07 April 2021

The Stone in My Pocket by Matthew Keeley
A poignant coming-of-age story following a teenage journey into mediumship,…

02 April 2021

Blood Loss by Kerena Swan
Sarah With one eye on the rear view mirror and the other on the road ahead,…

22 March 2021

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