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Fatal Trade by Brian Price

21 September 2021

Fatal Trade is the first, gripping DC Mel Cotton crime thriller from Brian Price. DC Melanie…

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Don't Get Your Tutu in a Twist! by Jenny Moore & Barbara Bakos
Miss Gorilla is holding a dance show, but the rehearsals are not going well! Can…

04 September 2021

A Strand of Gold by Elisabeth Conway
Singapore 1822: a place tainted by exploitation and dishonesty. This is the…

03 September 2021

Murder at the Seaview Hotel by Glenda Young
In the charming Yorkshire seaside town of Scarborough, a murder is nothing to…

24 August 2021

From the Shadows - A Printed Words Anthology
In this Printed Words anthology, the lines merge between crime and horror,…

12 August 2021

Thornberry by Susan Dean
Hannah is in her mid-teens when she takes a break to a rural cottage. While out…

31 July 2021

The Perfect Prompt by Jen Elvy
Step into a world of fantasy as you read these poems designed to intrigue and…

28 July 2021

Kimi and the Land of Feathers by Eszter Molnar
While on holiday in the mysterious forest of Bambaloor, 8-year-old Kimi…

28 July 2021

Driftwood by Starlight, by Caroline Gill
The debut full-length collection from multiple competition-winning poet Caroline…

26 July 2021

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