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Poetry competition: The McLellan Poetry Prize 2022

22 May 2022

Win a £1,300 first prize in the competition from Arran Arts Festival

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Creative writing competition: The Edinburgh Award for Flash Fiction 2022
Win a £2,000 first prize for stories up to 250 words

21 May 2022

Creative writing prize: The Bedford Competition 2022
The annual international contest has £1,000 first prizes for short stories and…

20 May 2022

Poetry competition: Troubadour International Poetry Prize 2022
Win a £2,000 first prize in the annual contest from Coffee House Poetry

19 May 2022

YA writing contest: 2022 Guppy Open Submission Competition
Win a publishing deal for a YA book with Guppy Books

18 May 2022

Creative writing competition: Hysteria 2022
This year's contest is for writing on the theme of 'Peace'

17 May 2022

Creative writing contest: Cranked Anvil Prompt Competition
Win a £150 first prize in the quarterly contest for stories that must contain…

16 May 2022

Young writers competition: The Young Walter Scott Prize 2022
The contest is for historical fiction writers between the ages of 11 and 19

16 May 2022

Poetry competition: 2022 Live Canon Poetry Competition
The annual contest has a first prize of £1,000 for a single poem

14 May 2022

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