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How to find a creative writing course
If you want to study creative writing, the variety and number of courses can be…

18 July 2024

Writing prompt: Match
With anticipation mounting about the Big Game this weekend, channel the tension…

12 July 2024

Creative writing: How to write about families in fiction
Families are fascinating to write, and read, about. Novelist Sarah Turner looks…

12 July 2024

How to self publish a book
Are you serious about self-publishing? Follow this step-by step guide to taking…

11 July 2024

Romantic comedy: How to write a rom-com
Author Lauren Ford passes on her top tips about writing light-hearted romance…

05 July 2024

Under the microscope: McCredited
Read James McCreet's rewrite of the extract workshopped in UtM, WM AUGUST 2024

04 July 2024

Writing emotion: How to create an emotional response in your readers
A guide to help you evoke strong feelings in your readers and give your writing…

04 July 2024

Writing prompt: Anticipation
Convey someone waiting for a particular outcome in this week’s creative writing…

28 June 2024

Wartime research: The French Resistance
Martin Walker talks about his special research into resistance history for his…

28 June 2024

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