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Coffee break exercise:
Find a spark to describe this fire scene in today's creative writing exercise

20 November 2020

Best books for Christmas
Looking for a gift idea to buy the writer or book-lover in your life this…

18 November 2020

Coffee-break exercise: Friday the 13th
Use today's date as the starting point for some new writing in today's exercise

13 November 2020

How to write crime for young adults
You have to believe in your readers, says crime reporter turned author CJ…

13 November 2020

Writing military history: Damien Lewis
For Remembrance Day, Damien Lewis, author of SAS Band of Brothers, talks about…

10 November 2020

Coffee-break exercise: Cobwebs
Create a web of words in this week's creative writing exercise

06 November 2020

Stuart Turton: No good way to write a book
Write your way, because that's the only way, says Writing Magazine's December…

06 November 2020

The top ten qualities every author needs
What does it take to be an author? Read on to find out the qualities a writer…

02 November 2020

How to survive NaNoWriMo
Reach your 50,000 target wordcount by the end of November with our NaNoWriMo…

01 November 2020

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