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Crime: Writing women who murder
Jackie Swift talks about subverting crime fiction's 'dead women' trope in her…

04 May 2022

Five ways to get to know your story before writing
Advice on getting to know your novel from bestselling author Laura Barnett.

03 May 2022

Coffee break exercise: Inclusive world
Fictionalise the benefits of inclusivity in this week's creative writing…

29 April 2022

 Melanie Blake: Dyslexia, diamonds and dangerous women
The showbiz agent turned bestselling author talks about overcoming dyslexia to…

29 April 2022

Lulu Allison: What it's like to be longlisted for The Women's Prize
The Salt Lick author describes how it feels to find your indie-published novel…

25 April 2022

Coffee break exercise: Bookworm
Write about the experience of being completely immersed in a book in this week's…

22 April 2022

How to use real life in your stories
Real life is only the starting point when it comes to writing fiction, says…

22 April 2022

Coffee-break exercise: Easter egg
For Easter weekend, explore the egg theme in your writing in this week's…

15 April 2022

How to write books that stop children being scared
Children's author and psychotherapist Fransie Fransden talks about writing books…

14 April 2022

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