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Felicia Yap: Why writers need to be resilient
The high-concept thriller author on the survival strategies writers need to…

19 March 2021

Julie Ma: Finding love in the write place
There are parallels between looking for love and getting a book deal, says the…

16 March 2021

Coffee-break exercise: In the mood
Use the mood this image conjures to start a new piece of writing in today's…

12 March 2021

How to write memoir: Horatio Clare
Keeping a sense of discovery is vital, says the acclaimed author and memoirist

12 March 2021

Coffee-break exercise: From the feet up
Who is wearing these socks? Create a persona in today's creative writing…

05 March 2021

How to write a novel in your second language
Repentance author Eloísa Díaz provides top tips on writing a novel in your…

05 March 2021

Coffee-break exercise: Argument
Write conflict-laden dialogue in today's creative writing exercise

26 February 2021

Writing climate change fiction for children
Hannah Gold, author of The Last Bear, talks bout the role of children's writing…

26 February 2021

Read more, write better - Writing Magazine bonus content, April 2021
Background reading, exclusive new book extracts and more to complement your…

25 February 2021

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