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Under the Microscope extra: Peter and Tom
Read our suggested rewrite of a reader's novel opening

24 October 2019

Coffee break exercise: Voices
Work on developing characters by paying attention to what they say in this…

18 October 2019

Coffee break exercise: Real-time
What could happen to your characters in a ten-minute period? Find out by trying…

11 October 2019

Mark Simmonds: The joy of mental ill-health
For World Mental Health Day, the author of Breakdown and Repair describes how…

10 October 2019

Why write ghost stories?
Amanda Mason, author of The Wayward Girls, explains the haunting pull of the…

04 October 2019

Coffee-break exercise: Hats
What does headgear say about your character? Find out in this week's creative…

04 October 2019

Under the Microscope extra: A Fatal Addiction pt 3, The Victor and The…
A reader's novel opening goes under our critical eye

27 September 2019

Read more, write better! Writing Magazine bonus content, November 2019
Background reading, exclusive audio extracts and more to complement your latest…

27 September 2019

Coffee-break exercise: Autumn
Leaves are falling, the season has turned – and prompted this week's creative…

26 September 2019

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