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10 pictures to inspire your writing
Spark your imagination with ten images to inspire your creative writing

26 July 2020

Coffee break exercise: Change of plan
Set up a situation and then change the expected narrative in this week's…

24 July 2020

Author Inspiration - KC Finn, Legion Lost
Writing Magazine subscriber KC Finn explains what inspired her novel Legion Lost

24 July 2020

Ilana Estelle: How writing helped me cope with my disabilities
Ilana describes writing helped her understand her illness and led to her writing…

24 July 2020

Ask the expert: What's the single most important thing to keep in mind if you…
Writer and tutor James McCreet answers Writing Magazine's reader questions and…

23 July 2020

Writing for middle grade - Sophie Kirtley
Children's author and Writing Magazine reader Sophie Kirtley explains why and…

22 July 2020

When's the best time to start writing?
Author and Writing Magazine regular Adrian Magson asks when's the best time to…

21 July 2020

Inspiring idea - KC Finn announces a new competition
Entries extended to 30 October for 'Teens of Tomorrow'

20 July 2020

10 ways music can inspire your writing
Write by letting your creative mind enjoy other stimuli

19 July 2020

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