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Under the Microscope extra: Language, Liberated
A reader's novel opening goes under the editorial microscope

25 August 2021

Coffee break exercise: Heroes
Conjure a real-life or imaginary hero in this week's creative writing exercise

20 August 2021

Piers Torday: How to write eco-fiction for children
Young readers are never too small to make a difference, says the author of the…

19 August 2021

Coffee-break exercise: Window shopping
Use the theme to start a new piece of writing in this week's exercise

13 August 2021

Author experiences: Emma Hughes – A novel in 200 words a day
The author of No Such Thing as Perfect describes how she overcame her fear of…

13 August 2021

Coffee break exercise: Background
Think about what's going on in the background of a piece of creative writing in…

06 August 2021

Author experiences: How to handle Covid in fiction
Contemporary thriller author Holly Watt explains how she wrote her novel on Big…

06 August 2021

Coffee-break exercise: Vision
Apply the theme literally or metaphorically in this week's creative writing…

30 July 2021

Historical fiction: How to turn fact into fiction
Novelist Ellen Alpsten explains how she balanced historical research with…

30 July 2021

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