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The Lies and Crimes of Sweet Caroline by Darren Wills
Born to a mother who doesn’t want her, living in a world that doesn’t understand…

22 January 2021

Gypsy Tales by Ray Wills
Raymond Wills’ book GYPSY TALES is unique in style and content and very…

21 January 2021

The Hashtag Killer by Andrew French
Catch a killer or save a child. What would you do? DI Jen Flowers thought…

18 January 2021

Psychopython Part 1: Dark Odyssey by Anne Neville
Following the tragic death of her beloved husband, Delia's bereavement leaves…

14 January 2021

Black is the Colour by Seamus Connolly
It has been almost three decades since the brutal murder of a young father took…

12 January 2021

GOD IN LOCKDOWN by Hazel Whitehead
This book is written from a Christian perspective but will also provide food for…

05 January 2021

Stanley the Seagull
The original idea came from grandchildren's drawings and stories    I decided to…

13 January 2020

Who's There
Arnold Eastwood is thrilled when social services allocate him a flat all of his…

03 January 2020

Legal Profession: Is it for you? A No-Nonsense Guide to a Career in the Law
Everything you need to know to join the world’s most exciting profession.

03 January 2020

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