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Gazda by Trevor Johnson
When Lisa Stern and her boss, Christopher McLendi, wake up on a bed in a hotel…

03 March 2021

Heavy Damage by Alan Orchard
Welcome to our spine-chilling performance. The stage is set, and a carnival of…

24 February 2021

The Summer of '39 by David Lowther
The IRA and the German Secret Service, the Abwehr, combine to cause chaos with a…

20 February 2021

Godalming Tales 3 by The Godalming Writers' Group
Ten writers have contributed thirty seven tales ranging from fantasy and ghosts,…

19 February 2021

Take me out by Moira Eve
Olivia Haworth, a woman in her mature years. An intelligent, articulate and…

18 February 2021

Heartbreak in the Valleys By Francesca Capaldi
November 1915. For young housemaid, Anwen Rhys, life is hard in the Welsh mining…

18 February 2021

Murder on the Island by Daisy White
Set on beautiful Bermuda, Murder On The Island is perfect escapism. It will…

15 February 2021

The Raven King by Liz Tuckwell
Set in a world where supernatural and mythical creatures have recently been…

13 February 2021

The Graceful Ghost by Eleanor Dixon
Grace has haunted her ancestral home, Amberwood Hall, for 200 years. Now it’s a…

09 February 2021

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