Driftwood by Starlight, by Caroline Gill


26 July 2021
The debut full-length collection from multiple competition-winning poet Caroline Gill

'The beautifully-crafted poems in Caroline Gill's debut full-length collection more than live up to the appeal of its Cornish cove cover and title. With elegance and finesse, she masters a range of traditional forms, all of which beg to be read aloud so their musicality can be fully relished. In several poems, joy and wonder in the natural world co-exist with a deep, questioning concern for threatened species from the puffin to the fen raft spider, while Gill's imagery, particularly where birdlife's concerned – 'the curlew's bill of boomerang design', 'white/grenades explode as gannets pierce the sea' – surprises and delights in equal measure.’
Blurb by Susan Richardson, author of Words the Taught Me (Cinammon Press, 2018), shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award

Caroline Gill lives in Suffolk with David, her archaeologist husband. The Holy Place (2012), a poetry chapbook shared with John Dotson, was launched at the Dylan Thomas Birthplace, Swansea. Caroline’s prizes include: First Prize in the General Section of the international Petra Kenney Poetry Competition (2007), Overall First Prize in the ZSL ‘Conservation’ Poetry Competition (2014), and Third Prize in the Milestones Competition (2017), judged by Brian Patten. Caroline loves to watch puffins.

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