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05 July 2017
Bonus-content-48365.jpg Writing Magazine August 2017
Recommended reads, bonus content and background info from the August issue of Writing Magazine

We're thrilled to feature AA Dhand as our cover star for the August issue, not least because he's one of our very own, a WM subscriber for many years! Meet him and explore his beloved Bradford hometown, the setting of both his novels, Girl Zero and Streets of Darkness, in our exclusive video, here. Plus, click here to read the first chapter of Girl Zero.

Also in August WM, Booker-longlisted author Colum McCann shares some of his Letters to a Young Writer. Read his valuable advice on how to get an agent here.

Prolific author Fiona Harper explores the changing face of modern romance fiction in the mag. Here, read the opening of her latest book, The Other Us

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Read James McCreet's suggested rewrite of a reader's novel opening in Under the Microscope extra.

Whatever task you're trying to fulfil in your writing life, we've found free or open source software to help you achieve it, but you might still be wondering about the legality of it and what the technical terms mean. Find out more here.

Read Edith Wharton's Mrs Manstey's View here, ahead of our exploration of its fine use of setting in Short Story Masterclass.

Read the winning entries from our latest short story competitions, and find out why the judges chose them, in our Competition Showcase.

For even more information, advice and encouragement, see the August issue of Writing Magazine