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Writing in strange times
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27 March 2020

Read more, write better - Writing Magazine bonus content, May 2020
Background reading, exclusive audio extracts and more to complement your latest…

24 March 2020

Under the Microscope extra: The House that has no Corridors
A reader's creative non-fiction goes under the editorial microscope

24 March 2020

Coffee-break exercise: The joy of a small thing
Pick something you usually overlook in your everyday life to spark a new piece…

20 March 2020

Your nine-point check list to choosing the ‘write’ course for you
Help picking a writing course that suits you, from the Writers Bureau

19 March 2020

How to survive writing in isolation
Finding it hard to write, right now? Be kind to yourself – and have a look at…

18 March 2020

Coffee-break exercise: Leisure interests
Take interest from your spare-time activities in this week's creative writing…

13 March 2020

Writing a sequel: Natasha Pulley
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street author says writing its follow-up felt like…

13 March 2020

Gifts for mums who love to write
Looking for gift inspiration this Mother's Day? We have you covered.

11 March 2020

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