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Why journalling is magic for writers
Lucy Van Smit, author of A Writer's Journal Workbook, explains the benefits of a…

24 January 2022

Coffee break exercise: Optimism
Explore reasons for optimism in today's creative writing exercise.

21 January 2022

Coffee break exercise: Accident-prone
Write about a day full of mishaps in this week's creative writing exercise.

14 January 2022

Five ways to find your next writing project
Feeling stuck? Get in the groove and find your creative flow with these top…

14 January 2022

Coffee break exercise: Make a start
New year, new writing! Start something new in this week's creative writing…

07 January 2022

Read more, write better - Writing Magazine bonus content, February 2022
Background reading, exclusive new book extracts and more to complement your…

07 January 2022

Under the Microscope extra: The Sensitives
A reader's novel opening goes under the editorial microscope

07 January 2022

Get your writing on track for the New Year
Make 2022 the year where you fulfil your writing dreams

07 January 2022

Coffee break exercise: Happy Christmas!
Write about Christmas in any way that appeals to you in today's creative writing…

24 December 2021

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