Creative Writing

Creative non fiction: Get to know the genre
Applying creative writing techniques is bringing a new lease of life to…

21 January 2020

Coffee-break exercise: In the middle
Writers often have issues with the 'soggy middles' of their manuscripts - so…

17 January 2020

Top tips on writing humour
Beat the winter blues with this advice on how to be a funny writer from Abigail…

17 January 2020

Coffee break exercise: Hard decision
This week's creative writing exercise involves creating a character faced with a…

10 January 2020

Coffee break exercise: Writing resolutions for 2020
Set your writing agenda for the year ahead in this week's creative writing…

03 January 2020

Writing Magazine roundup of 2019
Start your new writing year right with some of the past year's best advice from…

03 January 2020

Read more, write better - Writing Magazine bonus content, February 2020
Background reading, exclusive audio extracts and more to complement your latest…

02 January 2020

Under the Microscope extra: The Lakes Lost
Read our suggested rewrite of a reader's story opening

30 December 2019

Character profile: A guide and template
Learn how to create a character profile with our essential advice, and…

08 December 2019

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