Creative Writing

Coffee break exercise: Make a meal of it
Create some tasty new work with this week's food-themed creative writing…

15 November 2019

Coffee break exercise: Weather
Imagine what might happen if weather conditions got worse in this week's…

08 November 2019

What show don't tell writing actually means
It's one of the first pieces of advice writers come across, but what does 'show,…

08 November 2019

What's it like to attend a writers' conference?
WM checks out the National Creative Writing Industry Day 2019

05 November 2019

Coffee break exercise: Rewriting history
Go back in time and change something that happened in this week's creative…

01 November 2019

Coffee break exercise: Spooky story
With Halloween looming, this week's creative writing exercise is all about…

25 October 2019

What to do when you have writer’s block: A guide for panickers
For some writers it’s a myth, for others it’s a mountain, but one way or another…

25 October 2019

Under the Microscope extra: Peter and Tom
Read our suggested rewrite of a reader's novel opening

24 October 2019

Coffee break exercise: Voices
Work on developing characters by paying attention to what they say in this…

18 October 2019

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