Creative Writing

Coffee-break exercise: Alien(ated)
Write around the theme of being alien or alientated in today's creative writing…

09 April 2021

Jessie Greengrass: How to create a unique writing process
Create imaginative space, evolve your craft and find what works for you, says…

09 April 2021

Coffee break exercise: Easter rabbit
Use this image as a prompt to start a new piece of work in today's exercise

02 April 2021

Read more, write better - Writing Magazine bonus content, May 2021
Background reading, exclusive new book extracts and more to complement your…

31 March 2021

Under the Microscope extra: Black Ice
A reader's novel opening goes under the editorial microscope

30 March 2021

Coffee break exercise: Dialogue
Reveal a relationship via dialogue in today's creative writing exercise

26 March 2021

How to find your theme
YA author Rachel Burge tells you how to find the beating heart of your novel

26 March 2021

Coffee-break exercise: Differing approaches
Write about the same event in three different ways in today's exercise

19 March 2021

Felicia Yap: Why writers need to be resilient
The high-concept thriller author on the survival strategies writers need to…

19 March 2021

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