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McCredited WM December 2023
Read James McCreet's suggested rewrite for Under the Microscope

07 November 2023

Coffee-break writing: Fireworks
Write a passage inspired by pyrotechnics in this week’s creative writing…

03 November 2023

Coffee-break exercise: Scary story
Conjure a terrifying tale in today's creative writing exercise

27 October 2023

Horror: How to terrify your readers
Bestselling horror author Yrsa Sigurdardottir explains how to frighten the…

27 October 2023

Coffee-break writing: Strange
Make dramatic sense of something odd or weird in this week’s creative writing…

20 October 2023

Chris Parker: Writing about maleness
The debut author writes about challenging received perceptions about gender in…

20 October 2023

Coffee-break writing: Happy place
Explore someone in their ideal environment in this week's creative writing…

13 October 2023

Marc Turner: Writing in a new genre
The author describes moving from fantasy to thrillers, and offers tips for…

13 October 2023

Coffee-break writing: Shape a sentence
Change an existing sentence in stages in this week's creative writing exercise

06 October 2023

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