Creative Writing

Wartime research: The French Resistance
Martin Walker talks about his special research into resistance history for his…

28 June 2024

Short story ideas to get you writing
Are you looking for an idea for a new short story? Are you in need of…

27 June 2024

Writing prompt: Sunshine
Explore the influence of the sun on a situation in this week’s creative writing…

21 June 2024

Creative writing: The most-asked question for a writer
Novelist Faith Hogan answers the one question about writing that everyone wants…

21 June 2024

Writing in the present tense: The good and the bad
What are the pros and cons of writing a story or novel in present tense?

20 June 2024

Writing prompt: Obscured view
Explore what’s happening on both sides of these dirty windows in this week’s…

14 June 2024

Creative writing: Writing between two cultures
Novelist Aliya Ali-Afzal talks about exploring a seamless blend of cultures in…

14 June 2024

How to write a poem
Have you ever wanted to write a poem, and not known how to start, or where to…

13 June 2024

Creative non fiction: Get to know the genre
The literary genre uses creative writing techniques to tell true stories –…

13 June 2024

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