Creative Writing

Writing prompt: Steps to success
Build a narrative towards a successful resolution in this week’s creative…

02 February 2024

Coping with writer's stress
Author N V Peacock offers a guide for writers so they can look after their…

02 February 2024

Writing prompt: Refracted light
How will the picture of a prism inspire you to create new writing?

26 January 2024

The responsibilities of the historical novelist
Author Maria Frances discusses the need to balance creative imaginings with…

26 January 2024

Writing prompt: What's in the bag?
Explore how the contents of a bag could be the beginning of a story in this…

19 January 2024

What poetry can bring to prose
Novelist Diana Janney explains why she includes poetry in her fiction and what…

19 January 2024

Writing prompt: Back view
Start a new piece of writing with the image of the back view of someone

13 January 2024

The problem with witches
Author Imogen Edwards-Jones talks about busting stereotypes in her new…

12 January 2024

5 ways to pitch your novel
Nail your elevator pitch with this advice from Jonny Geller – CEO of The Curtis…

08 January 2024

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