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The rules of self-editing
Cornerstones director Helen Corner-Bryant explains the 'six Rs of self-editing'

13 July 2020

10 quotes to inspire your writing
Stuck for ideas? Build on these great words from great minds

12 July 2020

Meet Writing Magazine - keep sharing your stories
Writing Magazine assistant editor Tina Jackson encourages you to try new things…

11 July 2020

Follow your inspiration
Writing inspiration will always come from the things you love, which gives you a…

10 July 2020

Coffee break exercise: Surprise
Imagine opening the post and finding something unexpected to inspire new writing…

10 July 2020

Author Inspiration - KC Finn, Fallow Heart
Writing Magazine subscriber KC Finn explains the inspiration behind her YA…

10 July 2020

#InspirationMonth prompt: Fact finding
Build on a simple truth with this creative writing exercise

09 July 2020

Inspiration Month Offers
Get your hands on our very best offers throughout July

09 July 2020

Ask the expert: How to start your first chapter - what tense should I write in?
Writer and tutor James McCreet answers Writing Magazine's reader questions and…

09 July 2020

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