August 2017

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How to create a children's picture book, star interview with crime writer AA Dhand and we explore modern romance

On Sale: 06/07/2017

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What's in this Issue?

Inside our August 2017 issue you can expect:

  • Star interview with rising crime star AA Dhand, on shining a light on urban Britain’s darkest corners
  • Where is the love? We explore modern romance and why readers still enjoy a good old love story 
  • Open Source software - We discuss FREE software for all your writing and IT needs
  • How to tackle online piracy of your writing
  • How to create a children’s picture book
  • Using new ways and mediums to tell scary stories 
  • Authors: We explore the style and technique of Irish novelist Edna O’Brien, Connecticut author Georgia Hunter shares her writing routines and we meet new thriller author NM Brown 

"‘A decade ago I started writing & subscribed to a magazine I dreamt of one day featuring in. To be on the cover is one of my proudest moments" AA Dhand.

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