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01 February 2017
Bonus-content-68084.jpg Bonus content WM March
Exclusive content relating to the March 2017 issue of Writing Magazine

Get your hands on the March issue of Writing Magazine now, for our annual guide to writing festivals, courses, retreats and other events, all the way through to December 2017, plus much more...

Check out the new book from our cover star Jake Arnott with this exclusive extract from The Fatal Tree, and read more about his writing inspiration and influences here.

LA Larkin tells us about the extreme lengths she goes to for research and inspiration. See how she puts the experience into print with an extract from her new novel, Devour, and see the evocative trailer here.

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Get ahead of the game for our short story masterclass by reading what our writer Helen M Walters considers the best short story ever, Kate Chopin's The Story of an Hour.

Read James McCreet's suggested rewrite of a reader's historical saga extract in Under the Microscope Extra.

Read the winning entries and judging comments from our Adult Fairytale and Adventure Story competitions in our Competition Showcase.

And for much, much more, don't miss the March issue of Writing Magazine.