Writing tips from Dorothy Koomson


02 March 2018
Dorothy-Koomson-8-credit-Niall-McDiarmid-60749.jpg Dorothy Koomson credit Niall McDiarmid
Our April cover star Dorothy Koomson shares her writing secrets

Our April cover star Dorothy Koomson shares her writing secrets...

  • I used to write in bed. But it was very bad for my back, so now I write at my sit-stand desk. It’s great because I can change the height I work at. If it’s really cold, though, I do sneak back to work in bed.
  • I often have the TV on while I’m writing. I usually pick a TV series or movie to accompany the particular book I’m writing. It’s comforting to have it on in the background.
  • I don’t write in order. I sometimes start at the end of the book or the middle. I write whatever scenes have been playing themselves out in my head then keep adding to them.
  • My main writing tip is to, you know, write. Sounds simple but people forget that while trying to get published. Putting down words and making them the best they can be is actually the most important thing. 

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