Writing for Children Tips from Creative Writing Tutor Stephanie Baudet


23 June 2015
imports_WRI_image003-76962_54402.jpg Writing for children tips from Creative Writing tutor Stephanie Baudet
Read our top tips on how to write for children with our course tutor Stephanie Baudet

From Stephanie Baudet, course tutor on Writing Magazine's Writing for Children course

1. Read as many recently published books as you can. Trends change quickly.

2. Study the market, peruse publishers' catalogues, and sign up for their newsletters. Target your work accurately.

3. Write your story from inside the head of your main character. This will draw the readers in too.

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4. Remember that good old-fashioned grammar and punctuation are important. No email/text speak.

5. Don't give up! You need to be very determined and persistent. 

Stephanie Baudet tutors Writing Magazine Creative Writing courses on Writing for Children and has had over 25 books published. She also visits schools to talk to children about writing, assesses manuscripts for Cornerstones and reviews books for Armadillo. 

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