Writing poetry

Poetry is for everyone
For National Poetry Day, poet Bea Hutchings reminds us that all our verse has…

06 October 2023

Carol Ann Duffy: Drafting and Redrafting a Poem
The great contemporary poet and former Poet Laureate explains how she drafts and…

20 January 2023

Meet the poet: Aislinn Evans
flipped eye poet Aislinn Evans interviews themself about their poetry

17 December 2021

How to start a poem with Rob Miles
The multi-award-winning poet discusses making a habit of getting in the zone

07 October 2021

Top ten tips for writing poetry: Monika Cassel
As flipped eye celebrates its 20th anniversary, one of its leading poets shares…

04 June 2021

How to translate life into poetry
Monika Radojevic, winner of the Merky Books New Writers' Prize 2020, describes…

07 May 2021

How to write a poem
Top tips for National Poetry Day from South Bank Poetry's Katherine Lockton

01 October 2020

5 of the best lockdown poems
If ever we all need some words of encouragement it's now. Here are five…

01 October 2020

10 pictures to inspire your writing
Spark your imagination with ten images to inspire your creative writing

26 July 2020

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