Writing poetry

An inspiring exercise to fuel your creative writing
Let your mind drift and your pen follow

01 July 2020

Fiction, fact and crows: How I wrote a zombie pandemic heist novel
Crime writer Russell Day explains how his new novel, King of the Crows, came to…

01 May 2020

How to format a self-published book
Your self-published book should look as professional as possible to impress…

12 July 2019

The effect of a metaphor on your readers
Metaphor is a powerful tool for writers and poets but what effect does it have…

01 July 2019

Benefits of height adjustable desks by Ergo Desks
An ergonomic desk, like those from Ergo Desks, can aid focus and productivity…

26 February 2019

How to read a poem by Sandeep Parmar
Here are a few tips from avid readers, critics, poets – all of whom are mentors…

13 December 2017

Coffee break writing exercise: Celebrations
Think about the good times in this week's creative writing exercise – then write…

10 November 2017

How to write poems that change the world
Top poets from the Words that Burn project, including Keith Jarrett, talk about…

25 October 2017

Creative writing coffee break: houses
Use a memory of a house where you've lived as a building block for a new piece…

22 September 2017

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