Make the Most of Your Life Experiences


23 July 2015
imports_WRI_lynne-07921_54704.jpg Make the most of your life experiences
How to use your life experiences in your writing: top tips from Writing Magazine Creative Writing course tutor Lynne Hackles

Make the Most of Your Life Experiences - top tips from WM Creative Writing tutor Lynne Hackles

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Write about your hobbies, your jobs, your talents. There’s a magazine for every subject be it making patchwork quilts or collecting milk bottles.


Family and friends tell you stories (anecdotes). Turn them into stories. What about that uncle who disappeared? No-one knows what happened to him but you can write what might have.


Remember how you cried when your dog died? How did it feel? Use that emotion when you want to add sorrow to your writing.

Lynne is a tutor and speaker and has led workshops and given talks to writing groups all over the UK. She has sold well over 400 short stories and her work has been in many anthologies. Her regular columns, My Writing Day and Novel Ideas appear each month in Writing Magazine. Lynne has also had a children's book published - Racing Start, a sports novel for young teens published by Blackie & Son.

Making the most of your life experiences