How to write a press release
A well-written and concise press release makes the busy journalist’s life easy.…

19 February 2023

Coffee break exercise: Summer sandals
Walk in your character's shoes in today's creative writing exercise

01 July 2022

Read more, write better - Writing Magazine bonus content, October 2021
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25 August 2021

Follow your creative calling
Author and composer David Evans describes how commitment and responsive helped…

08 December 2020

Reach more readers with Kobo Writing Life
Why should Kobo be part of your self-publishing distribution strategy?

27 November 2020

How Troubador are staying connected with writers
Troubador's Assistant Marketing Manager Philippa Iliffe explains how the company…

29 May 2020

Read more, write better - Writing Magazine bonus content, May 2020
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24 March 2020

How to format a self-published book
Your self-published book should look as professional as possible to impress…

12 July 2019

Benefits of height adjustable desks by Ergo Desks
An ergonomic desk, like those from Ergo Desks, can aid focus and productivity…

26 February 2019

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