Benefits of height adjustable desks by Ergo Desks


26 February 2019
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An ergonomic desk, like those from Ergo Desks, can aid focus and productivity and help combat common health problems

Ergo Desks specialises in height adjustable desks that may benefit both the sedentary office worker and the creative writer; assisting with focus and productivity, while battling some common health problems.

Whether you are working on an important case, writing a book or browsing the web, a common thread running through each of these is the surface you work on. When it comes to reaching your goals, being able to maintain focus for an extended period of time to remain productive is essential. A height adjustable desk allows the user to stand up, sit down and maintain comfort whilst working from home or generally working in a static office environment. This can provide a number of hidden health benefits, helping to combat the negative side effects of a sedentary office environment.

A height adjustable desk not only allows you to sit comfortably but also gives you the flexibility to stand up and change your posture. A study found that depression and weight gain during pregnancy were connected to sitting down for long periods of time. Pregnant or not, standing up and moving around is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can be easily incorporated into your working or writing day assisting with a multitude of health problems.

Having the ability to stand and work, whether it's in your office or elsewhere, can have some powerful effects on you and your work. A study found a 46% increase in workplace productivity when using desks that allowed one to stand up and work. As Nietzsche says in his famed Ecce Homo; “Sit as little as possible…” He was just one of many famed literary figures, alongside the likes of Hemingway and Murakami, who were keen advocates of the importance of exercise, while modern studies are now linking it to increased creativity. Albeit working while standing at your desk does not equate to walking or other physical activities, it is an easy first step to take towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Now, just because you can stand up all day doesn’t mean you should. It's no different to sitting down and still all day. It is, however, crucial to move regularly and to not sit in one position for hours. Having the flexibility to move between sitting and standing at the push of a button gives users the best of both worlds. It's all about finding a healthy balance and moving to suit each individual user to find the right mix for you. Next time you are sitting down working try to imagine being able to have a change of perspective and a chance to stretch your legs without it getting in the way of your busy schedule.

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