Is it your dream to publish your own book? And make money from it? If that’s the case, self publishing could be your best route to publication. Get top tips from successful self-publishers and read invaluable insider advice from industry experts with our dedicated self-publishing guides.

Top tips from self-publishing success story Adam Croft
Read exclusive advice from WM cover star Adam Croft

03 October 2016

VIDEO: Getting started as a writer
Ciara Geraghty didn’t even start writing until she was 34. Hear how she got…

01 May 2015

How to get good reviews on Amazon
Get into Amazon reviewers' good books with advice from top reviewer Theo…

22 October 2013

E-publishing panel part 4
What is the next big trend in fiction? Will writing talent win out over hype and…

30 May 2013

E-publishing panel part 2
What is the future for epublishing? Will it get easier to produce an ebook? And…

22 February 2013

E-publishing panel part 1
Is self-publishing your book likely to attract or dissuade agents and…

25 January 2013

Law for writers - what to do if your publisher goes bankrupt
If a supplier, print-on-demand or self-publishing company goes bust, you could…

08 July 2011

How to form a writers' group - ten top tips
Forming a writers' circle or creative writing group can be a great way to…

25 May 2011

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