Coffee break creative writing exercise: Take five


10 July 2017
5-23695.jpg CC Sharealike 2.0, Stan Wiechers, Flickr
We launch our new series of 15-minute creative writing exercises to fuel your imagination, wherever you are

You don't need to spend hours on your writing to feel creative. Fuel your imagination wherever you are with our 15-minute coffee break exercise.

Set your timer for five minutes. Write as quickly as you can. Don’t stop to think. Concentrate on filling the space with words rather than on getting it ‘right.’ Don’t worry if some of your ideas are a little crazy. Don’t worry about perfect spelling or grammar. The tidying up can be done later.

Jot down the following:

Five story titles
Five names
Five settings
Five emotions
Five first sentences

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Pick one item from each list, set the timer for ten minutes and just start writing until the buzzer goes. Don’t worry if your ideas change as you write – for instance you may decide that the story should be set on a beach rather than in the middle of a wood – or that your character’s name is Sylvie not Samantha.

You should have enough raw material left over to enable you to create four more stories. Good luck!

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