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Creative writing prize: Wordsmiths Competition 2020

23 October 2020

Win a £500 prize in the competition for writing in any style, genre or presentation form

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Scriptwriting competition: Through the Mill
Hope Mill Theatre has launched its first playwriting prize, with £5,000 for the…

23 October 2020

2020 CWA Daggers winners
The Crime Writers' Association has announced the winners of its prestigious…

23 October 2020

Children's writing competition: Explore Learning Writers' Awards 2020
The free-to-enter writing competition is for writers aged 4 to 14

21 October 2020

Anna McNuff wins 2020 Kindle Storyteller Award
The author and adventurer took the £20,000 award for Llama Drama

20 October 2020

Heyward Hill bookshop launches the Shelf Improvement for Life prize draw
Nominate someone who deserves to win a book a month for life in the bookshop's…

17 October 2020

Creative writing competition: The New Media Writing Prize 2020
The annual contest is for writing specially created for digital media

16 October 2020

Creative writing prize: 2020 Flash Fiction Challenge
Systems Change Alliance are inviting entries on Visioning a Better World Beyond…

15 October 2020

Creative writing competition: Jane Austen's House
The Little Matters and Everyday Truths competition invites letter writing,…

14 October 2020

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