Writing a Play

08 April 2013

Playwriting has parallels with screenwriting in that structure is very important, and you start by…

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45 Master Characters
Characterisation can be the most important skill for fiction writers, if only…

18 June 2012

Movies that Move Us
From a screenwriting perspective, Craig Batty explores the idea that the…

04 May 2012

How Not To Write a Sitcom
Learn how to write sitcoms with this book packed full of advice, hints and tips…

04 May 2012

Writing Soap
Do you want to write for TV soaps? This book explains how a soap opera…

04 May 2012

Comedy Techniques
This book explains the business of selling your comedy writing to a range of…

04 May 2012

Writing Screenplays That Sell
Starting from the basics of how to find ideas for screenplays that can be…

04 May 2012

The Serious Guide to Joke Writing
Sally Holloway has spent years on the circuit doing everything from stand-up…

25 May 2011

Writing TV Scripts
What is a scriptwriter's calling card? It is a script from a writer wanting to…

22 March 2011

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