The Writer's Group Handbook

18 July 2014

Thinking of setting, or perhaps joining, a writers’ group? This book has a good deal of practical…

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Haggard Hawks and Paltry Poltroons
This book features fifty English words (most of them very common) each with…

24 March 2014

The Fiction of Autobiography
A study of the autobiographical genre including memoir writing. Anyone working…

24 March 2014

Swearing Like A Trooper
MJ Trow's book sets the bad language of the war in its historical context (it is…

06 January 2014

Bending Genre
Bending Genre is a collection of essays on the art of creative non-fiction which…

13 November 2013

Failure a Writers Life
Failure, A Writers Life is a catalogue of literary monstrosities. Its loosely…

15 January 2013

OK – the book that charts the rise of the word OK from its inception to its…

13 November 2012

Choose The Right Word
This new book on English usage is complete with its seventy test-yourself…

13 November 2012

Oxford Concise Companion to English Literature
Writers, published works, genres, movements in the literary world all featured…

05 September 2012

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