Persuasive Writing


04 May 2012
imports_WRI_0-gftp7r3u-100000_79768.jpg Persuasive Writing
If you need advice on how to write more persuasive business emails or reports then this book can help you. ...

Every business document – be it a letter, a report, a memo, an email, or whatever – should seek to persuade its readers. It should persuade its readers to take the action recommended by its writer or to respond in the way that the writer wants.
And persuasive business writing is what Peter Frederick’s book is all about. Business writing, as he teaches it, is a lively and vigorous form of English, often using fiction writing techniques. After all, novelists have to persuade their readers to enter the fictional worlds they create and they therefore rely on persuasive writing every bit as much as the business writer. The difference is that Peter Frederick’s business writing is reader-driven: It presents its ideas in a way that will appeal to its readers, shows answers to its readers’ problems, and overcomes its readers’ cognitive dissonance in order to meet objections.

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