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The Creative Writing Student's Handbook

18 July 2014

Aimed at student-level writers, and therefore ideal for beginners, this kindle book focuses on…

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Masterclasses in Creative Writing
A how-to book that you can refer to, dip into, when you have a writing problem.…

18 July 2014

Writing The Self
If you are thinking of writing anything that falls into a biographical…

06 May 2014

The Fiction of Autobiography
A study of the autobiographical genre including memoir writing. Anyone working…

24 March 2014

Swearing Like A Trooper
MJ Trow's book sets the bad language of the war in its historical context (it is…

06 January 2014

Bending Genre
Bending Genre is a collection of essays on the art of creative non-fiction which…

13 November 2013

The Lifestyle Writer
What is lifestyle writing? In her new book, Sarah Beth Watkins describes it as…

13 September 2013

Plain English
Martin Cutts founded the Plain English Campaign over thirty years ago, and this…

13 September 2013

The Country Writers Craft
Finding new creative opportunities for new markets, and turning them into…

08 June 2013

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