Ghost Writing by Lynne Hackles


04 May 2012
imports_WRI_0-oqyi5gxh-100000_79531.jpg Ghost Writing by Lynne Hackles
Ghost Writing is a great way to earn money for writing. Your client may need a ghostwriter because they do not have the writing skills or the time to write their own book. Ghost Writing shows you how to become a ghost writer. ...

As Lynne Hackles explains it, ghost writers’ clients appoint them for one of two reasons: either the client doesn’t have the time to write their own book, or they do not have the writing skills. And the clients vary from celebrities (Katie Price has published various autobiographies and novels, ghosted by Rebecca Farnworth) to ordinary people.
You are unlikely to find a celebrity as a client, although it could happen, but as a ghost writer, you could certainly build up a client list of ordinary folk – many of whom would probably want you to write their biographies. Lynne Hackles goes on to explain how to find these clients, partly by networking and partly by using the internet.
Finding your clients is the start point. You then have to write their books, and Lynne shows how to do all the research and how to structure and write your clients’ material. Her book could open up a whole new market for you.


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