Break Into Travel Writing


13 March 2013
imports_WRI_0-zxm3wegg-100000_86195.jpg Break Into Travel Writing
This book will bring you up-to-date with the latest trends in blogging, social media, magazines, websites, travel guides, and travel books. It provides specific advice for each sector, on how to write and, just as importantly, how to get published. ...

Electronic media has revolutionised travel writing, and has provided new market opportunities. Print media in terms of newspapers, magazines, travel guides and so forth is important,  but the best route to getting yourself published in print often depends on a creative use of electronic media. It is not just that there are many e-magazines and ebook publishers that offer travel markets, it is that blogging and networking can establish your presence and lead to commissions.

In this electronic age, Beth Blair shows that it is important to specialise and to become recognised as the expert in your specific area. Of course your specialism can be writing about places – France, the Far East, wherever - but these have become very competitive areas. Better to specialise in, for example, skiing, or backpacking, or travel when wheelchair-bound, or some such niche area. That way you can become a recognised expert in the field who becomes consulted by editors. Beth Blair will guide you round this entire, complex, field.

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