Writing TV Scripts


22 March 2011
imports_WRI_0-l1jx2sdo-100000_75481.jpg Writing TV Scripts
What is a scriptwriter's calling card? It is a script from a writer wanting to make their breakthrough into the business.

A would-be scriptwriter writer prepares an original thirty-minute script for a television drama or soap opera and sends it to a list of television producers. The script acts as their ‘calling card’ which aims to convince the producer that they are worthy of serious consideration for whatever project the producer may have in mind. It is highly unlikely that the calling card script will earn an immediate acceptance, but it could persuade the producer  to get back to them to discuss further possibilities.

Steve Wetton’s book acts as a manual for a ten-week interactive course at the end of which you should have written an impressive calling card. As an interactive manual, it aims to get you working. For example, there are exercises in which the book reproduce a script excerpt that has a number of faults. You are helped to analyse the excerpt, identify the faults, and write your own script that overcomes the problems.  

By the end of the book, you will have written your calling card and also learned how to find producers to write to and how to make your presentation.


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