The Misadventures of Nicholas Nabb, by Jenny Moore

05 July 2021

A funny, fast-paced Victorian adventure, teeming with danger, mystery and pies!

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Kick-Start by Lorna Roth
Which is more hazardous, a horse or online dating?

05 July 2021

The Creative Writing Student's Handbook
Aimed at student-level writers, and therefore ideal for beginners, this kindle…

18 July 2014

Masterclasses in Creative Writing
A how-to book that you can refer to, dip into, when you have a writing problem.…

18 July 2014

Horror Upon Horror
Horror is not a self-contained genre. It can, for example, include ghost…

24 March 2014

Improve Your Written English
A book that explains how grammar works with an emphasis on how you should use it…

24 March 2014

Swearing Like A Trooper
MJ Trow's book sets the bad language of the war in its historical context (it is…

06 January 2014

Writing Children's Fiction
Writing Children's Fiction is a creative book, providing the print equivalent of…

13 November 2013

Get Writing Childrens Fiction
This book features a lot of helpful advice about finding your publisher, from…

13 September 2013

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