Kick-Start by Lorna Roth


05 July 2021
Which is more hazardous, a horse or online dating?

Four men meet to challenge their prowess on motorbikes. Four women meet to enjoy their horses and ribald camaraderie. All are grounded by their horsepower – the touch, the smell, the speed of it. When their paths collide, a chain of friendship and friction is set in motion.

Fifty-something and single, for Judith, Luc and Lizzie the pick-n-mix selection of dates on the internet does not always provide the person they envisaged. Sometimes the only reaction can be laughter but is Judith’s intrinsic fear of meeting a stranger justified, and can Luc’s machismo survive the limitations of his lame leg? Can a human runner outwit a pack of bloodhounds? Hope of companionship or passion – it gets picked up, trodden on, dusted off, then slung in the hedge again. Will any of them brave a kick-start?

"Seamlessly combines stories from the equestrian world with those of online dating and the gritty topic of social prejudice. A fantastic fiction read that’ll add something a little different to your book collection” – Horse & Rider Magazine

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