Writing Screenplays That Sell


04 May 2012
imports_WRI_0-svkx0fhb-100000_80179.jpg Writing Screenplays That Sell
Starting from the basics of how to find ideas for screenplays that can be developed into a story concept this classic how-to book on screenwriting looks at all elements of screenwriting. ...

Michael Hauge’s classic how-to book on screenwriting was first published over twenty years ago and since then has sold 75,000 copies. Now comes a new updated edition that has been revised to meet the needs and reflect the demands of today’s market.

The new edition starts right from the basics, from how to find ideas for screenplays that can be developed into what is known in the business as a Story Concept.  From there it looks in depth at each aspect of developing the concept: screenplay structure, theme and character arc, scene writing and so forth. Finally, Michael Hauge brings up to date advice on the business of marketing yourself as a screenwriter and selling your script.

At each stage in the creative process, Mr Hauge uses examples of successful film scripts to illustrate the points that he makes so that you can see how the theory takes shape in practice. It is a practical working guide to competitive business.


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