HQ Creative Inclusion Lab launches


01 July 2021
June Sarpong will lead the new HarperCollins imprint for underrepresented voices

HQ Creative Inclusion Lab (HQ CIL) has the aim of making publishing accessible and inclusive for people from underrpresented communities, with outreach focussed on race, disability and working class backgrounds. It will look for new, unagented authors of fiction and non-fiction for adults.

Broadcaster and diversity advocate June Sarpong has published three books with HQ: Diversify, The Power of Women and The Power of Privilege.

‘Over the past five years, I have been fortunate enough to work with Lisa Milton and the HQ family on my own books, their commitment to diversity and inclusion has been unwavering, so I can't think of a better team to collaborate with on my new publishing imprint,' said June Sarpong. 'It is such an honour to be able to offer a platform for new voices from diverse backgrounds, there are so many stories that are yet to be told from worlds that have so much rich content to offer a mainstream audience. I look forward to embarking on this exciting journey to discover this untapped talent.’

‘Diversity and inclusion is a key HQ principle; it’s our mission statement, our acquisitions strategy and inherent in how we take our books to market,' said HQ executive publisher, Lisa Milton. 'It is an honour to build on these foundations with June – one of the leading voices in inclusion – to create our new imprint. June is such a powerful leader of the change we want to see, together we can bring opportunities to many who have not previously felt publishing was open to them. Our mantra is changing the world one book at a time. I can’t wait to start receiving submissions.’


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