Romance Writers’ Week: Everything You Need to Know to Write a Swoon-Worthy Romance.


29 September 2021
Don’t miss your chance to learn the secrets of writing a great romance.

Romance is one of the biggest genres in publishing. From contemporary romance to paranormal, readers love reading about love—and writers love writing about it. 

If you’ve ever thought about writing a romance novel (or even if you have a few under your belt already), we have an event you won’t want to miss. 

ProWritingAid is hosting Romance Writers’ Week from the 11th–15th October. This free summit has sessions on everything you need to write the kind of romance that readers will fall in love with—along with interviews with all your favourite romance writers. 

Learn from bestselling authors like Tia Williams, Talia Hibbert, Lyssa Kay Adams, and Carolyn Brown, as well as romance-writing experts from Pages & Platforms, Simon & Schuster, Harlequin, and Romance Writers of America. 

No writer is an island—we all have questions along the way. At this event you’ll find practical sessions to help you plan, write, and market your romance story from writers who have done it before. 

Let’s take a look at what you can expect. 

Live Interviews with Bestselling Authors

Where do the best romance writers find inspiration? How do they create compelling characters, complex relationships, and satisfying happy-ever-afters? You’ll hear from a host of romance writers as they discuss their writing and editing process, what they do when they get stuck, and their top romance-writing tips. 

Confirmed authors include: 

  • Lyssa Kay Adams (The Bromance Book Club)

  • Carolyn Brown (Small Town Rumors)

  • Julie Cohen (Together)

  • Elaine Everest (The Woolworths Girls)

  • Talia Hibbert (Get a Life, Chloe Brown)

  • Milly Johnson (A Spring Affair)

  • Dorothy Koomson (My Best Friend's Girl)

  • Camille Perri (The Assistants)

  • Tia Williams (Seven Days in June)

  • Kristen Zimmer (The Gravity Between Us)

ProWritingAid is inviting you to submit questions in advance, so get thinking about what you’d like to know. 

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Expert Training Sessions and Q&As

There is a lot of writing advice out there, and it’s hard to know who to listen to or what to include in your own writing practice. 

Romance Writers’ Week is bringing together some of the best experts in the genre to take you through every part of the romance writing process, from outlining your novel to marketing it successfully. 

These are just some of the sessions you can expect:

  • The Secrets of the Romance Genre, presented by Anne Hawley and Rachelle Ramirez 

  • The Inside Outline, presented by Jennie Nash

  • Your Five Plotting Non-Negotiables, presented by Dana Pittman 

  • The Three Elements of Electric Love Stories: Mind, Body, and Heart, presented by Mary Adkins

  • Copyright Law for Writers, presented by Literary Lawyer, Bob Pimm

  • Romance and a Sense of Place, presented by Louise Dean 

  • The Indie Author's Guide to Indie Editors, presented by Jen Graybeal

  • Your Romance Editing Roadmap, presented by Hayley Milliman

  • How to Perform a Story Edit, presented by Kristina Stanley 

  • Marketing Your Romance Novel, presented by Sue Campbell 

  • Power Up Your Book Marketing Strategy, presented by Siera London

We have a packed schedule with over 20 live workshops and interviews to look forward to. All events will be recorded so you can catch up on any sessions you miss. 

Panels with Industry Insiders

The publishing world can be confusing and overwhelming. And romance has its own quirks, with category- and single-title publishing requiring different elements and skills to break into. 

At Romance Writers’ Week you’ll attend panels with some of the top organizations in romance. 

Learn insider tips at panel discussions with the teams from:

  • Simon and Schuster, with Molly Crawford and Clare Hey

  • Harlequin, with Marcella Bell, Carol Dunsmore, Katie Frey, and Sera Taíno

  • Romance Writers of America, with LaQuette, Clair Brett, Kenya Goree-Bell, Siera London, C. Chilove, and Laura Alford 

Hear what editors look for in a romance novel, how authors like you got their Harlequin debut, and what you need to consider when you’re writing for potential publication. 

Connect with Like-Minded Romance Writers

Writing can be lonely. When it’s just you and your novel, setbacks and deadlines can feel overwhelming. It's easier if you have a team of like-minded writers to support you, inspire you, and hold you accountable. 

One of the best aspects of attending writing conferences is the writer friends you make along the way. Romance Writers’ Week is an online summit, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to find your writing crew. At Romance Writers' Week, you'll find: 

  • Daily networking events after the day’s sessions to get to know your fellow writers

  • A closed Facebook group to share ideas and get feedback (and post your favourite writing memes, of course!)

Groups from previous events are still going strong, with members creating their own discord servers and writing workshops to carry on the writing-community spirit. 

Join Your Fellow Writers at Romance Writers’ Week

Whether you are just playing with an initial idea or already have a romance manuscript ready to sell, there’s something here for every romance writer. And all writers are welcome. If you’re writing a love story, even as a subplot, it’s worth signing up.

Click here to sign up now

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