Meet the author: Mari Hannah


17 December 2020
Fun facts about our February issue star interviewee
Meet the author: Mari Hannah Images

Crime queen Mari Hannah is a past winner of a Northern Writers’ Award, the first Polari Book Prize, Diva Wordsmith of the Year and chair of Theakston’s Crime Writing Festival in 2019.

Her new DCI Kate Daniels thriller, Without a Trace (out on 7 January 2021) is about a plane that simply disappears en route from London to New York. Daniels has no jurisdiction and is ordered off the case but she just can’t let it lie...

You can read an in-depth interview with Mari in the February issue of Writing Magazine but here are some fun facts to introduce her.

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  • On the Greek island of Mykonos my partner and I unknowingly shared a room with Australian newlyweds. 
  • In a UK bookshop, I was once told off by an elderly lady who barked at me to move so she could sit down. I was sitting at the signing table.
  • When my debut came out, I was so nervous about reading in public, an actor was paid to read for me. Fortunately, I have since got over my stage fright.
  • For research purposes, I once locked myself into my (cop) partner's handcuffs only to find that she’d left the key at work... Oops!

Read the full interview with Mari in the February issue of Writing Magazine and follow Writing Magazine on Facebook to enter our Without a Trace giveaway in January.