McCredited WM June 2024


02 May 2024
Read James McCreet's suggested rewrite for this month's Under the Microscope

There was a bright flash and what sounded like a loud crack of thunder as the spacecraft appeared from nowhere in the grey evening sky. Insistent rain pocked the ocean as the craft descended rapidly to speed just above surface, leaving a furrow.

The pilot adjusted a control with his right hand and kept his left steady on the control stick. He pushed it forward and the ship accelerated with a louder hum.

“Kalli? Can you hear me?”

The communicator in the cockpit was silent.

“Kalli? Are you receiving me, over?”

Static. Then a voice:

“Will? It’s Kalli. We’re receiving you. Are you OK? How was it?”

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He smiled looking down at the instruments, his face illuminated yellow and green by the readouts.  The ocean stretched smoothly out in front of him despite the rain. “Kalli – all good. No issues with the journey. My God, it’s good to be back. The ocean looks amazing. I should see land in a couple of minutes.”

“OK. If we got it right, you should reach the place known as Half Moon Bay in no time.”

“Kalli? You still there?”

“Yes, I’m still here.  I hope you know what you’re doing . . . Will? Are you there?”

“All I can do is try.”