10 ways music can inspire your writing


19 July 2020
Write by letting your creative mind enjoy other stimuli

Music has a unique power to carry us away – triggering memories or flights of fancy, evoking emotion beyond words or capturing or creating a mood.

So music can be a great trigger to get you into a creative mood.

Why not try some of these ideas to help you turn notes into lines.

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  • Pick a favourite tune. Describe why you love it.
  • Compile an imaginary soundtrack to your current writing project.
  • Go on YouTube or Spotify. Pick a playlist. Write whatever comes to mind as you listen to it.
  • Listen to a song you remember from teenage years. Write about your younger self listening to it.
  • If you were a musical instrument, which one would you be? Write about why and what sort of music you would make.
  • Find an artist you like and listen to an album or playlist by them. Write about how the artist inspires you.
  • Choose a piece of classical music and as you listen to it, write about the moods it evokes.
  • Try listening to a piece of music very, very quietly. Then convey that experience of concentration in writing.
  • Now turn up the volume as loud as you (and your neighbours!) can bear. How does that affect your writing?
  • Put on music you can dance to. Dance wildly round your living room. Then sit down to write.


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