How to sell your work

How to get article commissions and please magazine editors
Skin Deep editor Sion Smith tells us what editors want from freelances

11 May 2019

Benefits of height adjustable desks by Ergo Desks
An ergonomic desk, like those from Ergo Desks, can aid focus and productivity…

26 February 2019

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Background reading, exclusive audio extracts and more to complement your latest…

30 November 2018

The most popular book genres: what do your readers want?
What do readers want? What are the most popular book genres, by sales and by…

01 October 2018

How to make money as a writer
How can I make money writing? Here are 7 ways to get paid to write

03 September 2018

How to become a ghostwriter
Thinking about becoming a ghostwriter? Writing for someone else can help you…

20 March 2018

How to get a literary agent to represent you
Your manuscript is ready and you’re seeking traditional publication. It’s time…

26 February 2018

How to use crowdfunding to publish your book successfully
Starting a new publishing project this year? Use crowdfunding to generate buzz…

10 January 2018

Read more, write better! Writing Magazine bonus content, February 2018
Explore our recommended reads and more from the February 2018 issue of Writing…

03 January 2018

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