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13 May 2020
Are you looking to expand your writing toolkit or finish that novel? We highlight three companies offering online courses to help you

The Novelry offer online creative writing courses designed to take your writing ‘to the next level’.
‘Unlike other courses we take writers from the mere twinkling of an idea all the way to our leading literary agency partner’s desks,’ they say. ‘We see our writers all the way through to publishing contract.’
Whether you are writing your first novel, have been bottling up a new concept for years or are a published author needing help getting your most original idea onto paper, they reckon to have the online creative writing course for you.
On each course, you will receive daily coaching from a large bank of text, video and download resources, to enhance your creative skills from conception and creation through to writing and editing.
For the popular Ninety Day Novel course you can choose your own tutor to check in with every two weeks or more from bestselling, award-winning authors Louise Dean, Tim Lott, Louise Doughty and Katie Khan.
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Join the UK’s largest postgraduate English and creative writing community at the Manchester Writing School with its longstanding online MA/MFA in Creative Writing. With either course there is a range of units to choose from, all delivered by practising writers. Specialist pathways include Novel, Poetry, Writing for Children & Young Adults, Scriptwriting or Creative Non-Fiction.  
Hundreds of students from all over the UK have graduated from the online programme and many have gone on to achieve success as published authors, including Wyl Menmuir, an online student who went on to be longlisted for the Booker prize.  
The online community is made up of a diverse range of UK and international students, and people living in the north-west of England can choose between studying entirely online, on campus or via a flexible mixture of the two.
‘Despite our lectures and workshops taking place online, the quality of teaching for distance learners of the Manchester Writing School is outstanding with students receiving support from excellent, established, published and highly successful writers. There are also a host of opportunities offered whilst studying the MA to make connections with other writers and to see your work in print.’
Jacqueline Grima, MA Creative Writing
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Retreat West's online mentored course, The Novel Creator, is designed to get you from wherever you are right now to a completed, professionally edited draft manuscript, while giving you the tools you need to create tight drafts of all the novels you’ll write in the future.
Launching in September, the course spans a year, with 33 tutorials across eight modules covering every aspect of storytelling and novel writing. As well as one-to-one mentoring sessions and live Q&As with your tutors, authors Amanda Saint and CM Taylor, you get detailed developmental feedback on 3K words a month as you write your draft and a critique of the full manuscript once you’re finished.
You’ll have an online forum to share work and chat with your course mates; will learn how to edit your own work and put together a professional submission package; and you'll get the chance to pitch your idea to literary agents and indie publishers during an online event at the end of the course.
‘We can promise that if you put in the hours on this course and apply what you learn, you’ll emerge a significantly better writer,’ they say.
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And of course, don't forget that we offer our own courses by email with detailed one-to-one mentoring from a specialist tutor in your field. Find out more