E-publishing panel part 3


28 March 2013
imports_WRI_0-mrtgxos2-100000_49909.png E-publishing panel part 3
Should you seek professional publication, or is self-publishing the better option? What are the opportunities for epublishing children's ebooks? Watch video of publishing professionals answering the big questions in our Technology for Writers Q&A panel ...

Watch our latest videos to get the professionals' take on the future of ebooks.

Filmed at our Q&A panel at Swanwick Writers' Summer School last year, this month's videos feature Weidenfeld and Nicolson publisher Alan Samson, WM social media and marketing guru Rebecca Woodhead and editor Jonathan Telfer discussing the wide potential for children's ebooks and the perennial question of whether it's better to self-publish or seek professional publication.


Children's ebooks - what's the market and potential?


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Is it better to self-publish or seek professional book publication?

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The Q&A took place at the Swanwick Writers' Summer School in 2012 - watch our introductory video below to get a flavour of Swanwick's expert course leaders, writers and surroundings.

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