Coffee break exercise: Writing resolutions for 2020


03 January 2020
Set your writing agenda for the year ahead in this week's creative writing exercise

Happy New Year, WM writers! We hope you achieve your writing dreams in 2020. To set you off on the right track, this exercise will help you decide what you'd most like to focus on, and how you're going to make sure you finish it.

To start with, make notes about three writing projects that you would like to complete this year. One big, one medium-sized, one small. Perhaps your list will include a major project, like a novel or short story or poetry collection, as well as smaller challenges - perhaps entering a competition every month, or completing an unfinished piece of work. Take five minutes.

For the next five minutes, note three practical things you can do to help you complete each project. They might include setting aside designated writing time each week, or regularly checking for competitions where your work will be a fit, or imposing deadlines on yourself, or attending a writer's event, or signing up for a workshop, class or course.

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For the final five minutes, write down what you would like to achieve with each of your chosen projects by the end of 2020. Whether it's completing a first draft, entering your first writing competition, submitting to agents or having an article published in a magazine, we wish you every succcess with your writing in 2020 - and please let us know how you get on via social media!


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