Coffee-break exercise: Street scene


02 June 2023
Evoke the atmosphere of something happening in the street in this week’s creative writing exercise

Think of a streeet - either in real life, or in an imaginative context. See it in your mind’s eye - what it looks like, what buildings are there, the people who are out and about. Is it a residential street? Is it in a city, town, village, or somewhere else?What’s goign on in the street that’s worth writing about?

Consider why you have chosen it, and write down what has made it suggest itself to you - this is key. Then build on these initial thoughts in writing.

Finally, decide whether to write a passage about the street scene as a subject or ‘character’ in its own right, or whether you're going to use it as a setting or backdrop for a scene or story.

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Write your street scene piece for 20 minutes.


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