Coffee break exercise: One of a kind


19 June 2020
Select something or someone unique to inspire new creative writing in this week's exercise

Take a few moments to select something or someone that, to you, is extraordinary. It might a person, or animal, or place, or object. It might come from myth, legend or fable. It might be familiar to you, or it might be from history. All that matters is that to you, it's exceptional.

Spend another few moments drilling down into what makes your chosen subject so special. Jot down the qualities and attributes that spring to mind.

Now it's time to bring the character or object to life on the page. Start writing, either from their point of view or from the point of view of a character encountering your chosen subject for the very first time. But there's a catch. Avoid using physical description. How are you going to reveal the exceptional qualities in your words?

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Take 15 minutes.


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