Coffee-break exercise: Love is the answer


14 February 2020
Explore love in your writing in this Valentine's Day-themed creating writing exercise

For five minutes, jot down a few ideas for potential scenarios where a problem is solved by love. It might be romantic love but it doesn't have to be – it could be the love of friends, family, an animal, a community, self-love or even an act of love by a complete stranger.

For the next ten minutes, pick the scenario that has most potential for a new piece of fiction, poetry, or creative non-fiction, and start writing.

TIP: For this exercise, we're asking you to envisage a complete scenario, not just the beginning of one. So have the end and middle of your scenario in mind as you write – because hopefully this will be a piece of work you'll want to complete. Happy writing!

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As you're getting deeper into writing your loved-themed scenario, make sure you know the difference between story and plot.