Coffee-break exercise: Gold


17 February 2023
Explore the effect of gold on a character or plot in this week's creative writing exercise

What would happen to someone's life if they came into possession of a bar of gold?

  • How did they come by the bar?
  • How might it change the person? And how might it affect the course of a story?
  • Write a passage or poem where the possession of a large amount of gold changes something significant for a person and/or a storyline.


Join the 'Coffee-Break' challenge.

The coffee-break exercise aims to inspire you to get writing, so we challenge you to write a story around our weekly 'Coffee-Break' topic.  You can write your story around your own plot or use the prompt below:

Write a story where a group of explorers discover an ancient, hidden city made entirely of goal. As they delve deeper into the city, they begin to uncover the secrets of the civilization that built it and the incredible power that lies within the city's walls. However, they soon realize that the city is cursed, and they must decide whether to risk their lives to claim its treasures or leave it untouched and let the city remain lost forever.


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